o america

Pondering a return, it’s been on my mind as of late. Partially growing up there provided a lot of context for me these later years in life. I can’t say I thought much about my childhood prior to reading Yellow a few summers ago. Not a book I would’ve crossed paths with on my own but came highly recommended. Appreciate people taking the time to give book recommendations and find that through it, you not only learn a little more about them but about yourself as well. 

I found parallels to my own life in Yellow. Growing up you think you’re the only one having these experiences but strangely it was both common and shared. It’s unfortunate that little has changed regarding race, stereotypes and prejudices.


I’ve been a collector of sorts from a young age likely to the dismay of my parents. The idea of trading cards was just a bit nostalgic for me–reminiscent of baseball cards wrapped in wax paper. I was a Cubs fan back in the day. Trading cards lend itself well to space constraints in Hong Kong but even more so to the potential of a trade, an exchange of stories I’d like to make with you.

And so this series begins, slowly piecing together thoughts and memories of moving to small town America at the age of six and the unfolding of a new and strange life.