bear in a tam

I'm an artist and educator fond of correspondence, cartography, typography and botany.

My practice includes work with and in nature, printing, book arts and painting. Working through various mediums, I have been exploring the telling of stories of self/place and the relationships and boundaries we create with the natural world.

I was selected to embark on an art and science expeditionary residency taking place in the high Arctic in June 2015 with The Arctic Circle. On my journey, I collected stories of people and places through painting and photography.  We Go North is the project elementary classrooms partnered with me in to learn and share more about this fascinating region and how changes in the Arctic are connected to us in the rest of the world.

I work on community arts projects at Lizzie Bee Foundation, a charity organisation in Hong Kong, along with creating and curating art for Eco Marine that engages people with their environment to raise awareness and foster conversation and action.

My other pursuits include taste testing peanut butter, leaving things to be found, supporting the postal system, and starting collections.