Rumpueng Community Art Space x Surface Arts . October 2014 . Chiang Mai, Thailand



I had the opportunity to guest lecture for the Life and Aesthetics course at Chiang Mai University.

I also learned mulberry papermaking with an artist from Japan. She's an exchange student at CMU and we met at the cyanotype workshop.


Residency: Rumpueng Community Art Space x Surface Arts


Chiang Mai was home for a month in October. It's a beautiful place to explore with so much nature around. I appreciated the ample space to work and sunlight for my cyanotypes.  I did a lot of collecting in the area, experimented with plant materials, led workshops, gave a lecture, visited galleries, and met a variety of artists. Chiang Mai has quite the bustling art scene!

Experimenting with collected items and cyanotype solution.

Exploring a natural source of blue.

A selection of work from my time at Rumpueng.

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