VOGUE x LA MER x Eco Marine, 2019

Vogue HK, La Mer and Eco Marine hosted a family friendly beach cleanup at Stanley Main Beach to arouse public awareness on ocean protection.
The concept of the campaign was “I See What They Sea” —to see things through the eyes of children and adults in their pledge to protect the ocean for following generations. For the event, I created a #natureunnaturepile installation composed mainly of ocean plastic pollution to engage beach cleanup participants and passersby to reflect on the single use plastic in their own lives and what changes they can make.


After Another, 2019

Solo exhibition, Verandah Gallery—Bizzie Bee, PMQ.

After Another examined working in series through art making with watercolour and found materials. Accompanying the exhibition were education workshops where there was time to dialogue with students about ideas and process. They were introduced to new tools and techniques so they could explore and begin creating an art series of their own.


CHAT GO! Let’s Build a Textile Village, 2018

A collaboration with Giants Tie Dye on the blue cave at lodge 4 for CHAT Go! Let's Build a Textile Village. Visitors learned about and tried their hand at dyeing with indigo. Finished strips were then woven into floor mats on a giant loom. Workshop participants dyed rope to sew into bowls.


LUSH Live Central 2018

LUSH Live Central showcased organizations addressing animal protection, human rights, and environmental conservation in Hong Kong. As part of Eco Marine, we focused on personal actions and highlighted various #1person1site projects. I brought to PMQ the #natureunnaturepile series for the ocean trash installation. An ocean plastic upcycling art workshop turned out whimsical and unique pieces.


an owlily collaborative series

Owls + haikus for the month of January, 2010 with @pardiniprints.
See how it unfolded here.

jan 23: saltine the kitchen owl

cooking is so fun
i live in a frying pan
what can i make you?

salt owl.jpg