2016 Arctic Calendar

A5 (148x210mm), six watercolour reproductions

There really is something magical about the Arctic and to have experienced it first hand alongside fellow artists and explorers is an opportunity I am truly grateful for. I've seen a fair bit of the world but The Arctic Circle Summer expedition took me to places I could not have imagined even from all the research and preparation I did beforehand.

I wish I'd had this learning experience earlier on in life and through Students on Ice, young people around the world can. The possibility of seeing the Arctic first came about in 2011 when I met Geoff Green speaking about SOI at the EARCOS Teachers' Conference. As I continued to teach, the idea of the Arctic lingered and in 2013, I came across The Arctic Circle—an art and science expeditionary residency taking place in the high Arctic. Two years later, I was sailing around Svalbard.

The art in this calendar was my way to share a tiny bit of what I encountered as well as supporting SOI. The bottom portion of each page was a postcard that detached and could then be mailed, continuing to spread the love for the Arctic and awareness of its importance and fragility to others.

With everyone’s support, a little over CAD 1400 was raised for the Students on Ice Scholarship Fund.  

Update: the scholarship project on Polar Catalyst has closed. If you'd like to directly support SOI, you can now donate through their Canada Helps page.

dogs i know—a short watercolour series